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Tweejarigen Noviteiten

Op deze pagina vindt u een overzicht van onze noviteiten binnen het tweejarigen assortiment voor aankomend seizoen


Voor meer informatie over deze variëteiten kunt u contact opnemen met uw accountmanager.


Viola x wittrockiana F1

Delta® Yellow Improved

  • Latest addition to our renowned Pansy Delta range - Delta Yellow Improved
  • Delta remains the market leader
  • Large blooms, uniformity of habit and earliness of flowering, even in low light conditions
  • For Spring and Autumn production
  • Very early



Viola cornuta F1

Rocky Pink Lavender, Jolly Face

  • A wide selection of colours to choose from in this viola series
  • For Autumn and Spring cultivation
  • Excellent garden performance
  • Compact habit and superb uniformity


Viola cornuta F1

Rocky Lime Mix, Rocky Plum Mix

  • Very well arrangement of colors within each mix

Viola cornuta F1

Deltini Neon Violet-Yellow-True White, True White-Yellow-Rose Pink

  • Carefully chosen blended varieties which complement each other and which carry right through to the consumers' demands
  • Opportunity to suggest new trends and mixes to your customers

Primula acaulis F1

Orion Yellow with Eye Improved

  • Series for high density production
  • Compact habit and tight flowering window
  • Very uniform within the colours
  • For retail sales in January and February


Primula acaulis

Sirococco Yellow and Purple, Red Flame

  • Special colours with a fringed flower edge
  • Upright leave type
  • Flowering from January until March


Ranunculus asiaticus F1

Magic Pink & Peach

  • Very compact, no growth regulators needed!
  • Suitable for smaller pots and packs
  • Large flowers on short stems; easy to transport
  • Appealing colours


Aubrieta hybrida

Axcent™ Violet with Eye Improved

  • Impressive flower size
  • Fast growing and uniform
  • Good winter hardiness for the
  • Glacier varieties

Aubrieta Hybrida F1

Audrey™ Red

  • Early, fast growing F1 hybrid
  • Highly uniform and compact habit
  • Suitable for impulse sales
  • Deep Purple Compact: suitable for high density production

Iberis sempervirens

Tahoe™ Imp

  • Most uniform seed variety
  • Compact habit


Saxifraga x arendsii

Touran® Pink

  • Compact uniform habit, free flowering
  • Very attractive plant habit
  • Unique product compared to all competition

Phlox subulata

Fort Hill

  • Vigorous yet compact habit
  • Perfect for spring impulse sales