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Plant joy and yield results

  • Worry free production through proven genetics and a solution package
  • An umbrella campaign for more species
  • Consumer communication
  • Grower sales support towards trade partners

This concept will support you in increasing the value of your sales

  • POS material available like pots, labels, trolley posters, banners, flags and more
  • Professional, modern website also linked with QR-Code and Hash-tag
  • Perfect to differentiate and to step out of the price pressure



Mixed combinations are loved by consumers and therefore retailers have increased their floor space they allocate for these combinations. This is a market opportunity you can fulfill by working with us. FloriPro Services has focused extensively on testing combinations for success at all levels in the value chain, from grower to consumer. Our investment in combination development is not focused solely on compatibility during production. Our main goal is to keep consumers satisfied with a well-balanced combination which flowers abundantly and evenly throughout the season. Next to our Annual Flowering assortment we also have a great range of tested and proven Viola and Cyclamen combinations under the name of MultiColours.

MultiColours stands for easy production, great appeal at point-of-sale and prolific flowering in consumers’ gardens. MultiColours will appeal to both impulse buyers and regular customers alike, as a great addition to their purchase and will undoubtedly be a real eye-catcher in store...


Rio Dipladenia

Boost your Rio sales

Here are the advantages to grow Rio:

  • Easy to grow
  • Early and compact varieties
  • Less longer stems
  • Good tolerance to low light conditions
  • Brilliant and elongated leaves

This concept will support you to increase your sales

  • POS material available : pots, labels, CC trolley posters, roll up
  • Website easy to use for end consumer

Building a stronger brand will allow a better introduction for new varieties in the next years.


Pentas Starcluster / Pentas Rising Star

A new Star is born

A Pentas which makes the difference

  • Very robust genetic
  • Flowers all summer long
  • Good outdoor performance
  • Also perfect for indoor use
  • Good heat tolerance

A concept to differentiate

  • POS material like pots and flyer available
  • Website easy to use with a lot of information


Campanula Springbell

Campanula Spring Bell® Blue is a real eye-catcher with its splendid display of bright blue flowers! The special colour immediately attracts attention, especially when seen against the dark green foliage. The blooms of Campanula Spring Bell® are borne in profusion, creating a sea of colour! And because its sterile flowers don’t set seed, Spring Bell® keeps flowering abundantly over a long period.

Campanula Spring Bell® can be kept both indoors and outdoors. Once the plant has finished flowering indoors, it can be planted in a sunny or partly shaded spot in the garden. The natural flowering period for Campanula Spring Bell® is June, but it can produce a second flush of flowers in September. Spring Bell® is winter-hardy and will surprise you again the following year with its splendid display of flowers!


Helleborus Christmas Carol

The Helleborus Christmas Carol, or Christmas Rose, is originating from the mountains in the eastern Alps and belongs to the group of perennials. This is remarkable, because the Hellebore is an evergreen plant in contrast to most of the perennials. The older foliage is easy to prune and already after a year the Hellebore reaches its maximum height of about 50 cm. Special fact about this Christmas Carol, which is from seed, that this hardy and evergreen plant flowers year after year from November to February.


Schizanthus Bauernorchidee

Find your countryside love

There is only one original Bauernorchidee™

  • Large, colorful blooms, which remind of Orchid
  • A breath of a romance garden
  • Very floriferous
  • Special flower color types
  • Well branching

Bauernorchidee™ only available in an exclusive concept

  • Pots and CC posters available and a lot more POS material


Let the summer in

Giving the right direction to the consumer novice, he will feel reassured in his purchase.

  • Selection of annual varieties resistant to heat
  • Flower all summer long
  • Opportunities for summer sales
  • POS material available to support your sales
  • Give advices to the end consumer via QR code and website

This concept will give you benefits for your summer sales.

  • Increase summer sales proposing a complete offer for summer
  • Use greenhouses longer (better return on investment)
  • Grow plants already known
  • Grow plants chosen among an assortment
  • Create attractiveness on the CC trolleys for retailers